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Are you being the Leader you wished you always had?

Executive Coach PCC,CPCC

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I support Executive Leaders who may have hit a bump in the road or are looking to develop their Leadership further. I help them identify their goals and action plans to reach them.


I also coach up-and-coming talent in organizations and help them prepare for the next level of their Leadership.


I coach teams at all levels of organizations who want to connect at a more human level to produce the desired results through experiential workshops using tools such as Liberating Structures and Lego Serious Play.

I also run experiential Leadership Programs to help Leaders step into their Authentic selves and explore what is possible when they co-create, co-lead, understand their own value and ask for help.


I am also a certified Leadership Circle Profile practitioner and use this in my coaching of both individuals and teams.




Executive Coach

Are you looking for 1-1 Coaching to explore, develop and grow into the Leader you have always aspired to be?

A 360 tool to create a point-in-time view of how you see yourself as a leader measured against your manager, direct report, peers and other stakeholders

Are you leading a team and are interested in engaging your team in identifying their strengths and opportunities for growth? Then working as a team to make this a High Performing team?

Introduce your group to Coaching through an experiential workshop focused on Coaching Fundamentals. At the same time develop connection and engagement within the group as they learn about themselves and their collegues at a deeper level.


Certificates, Testimonials and References


“Are you being the Leader

you wished you always had?”

Corporate Clients
Pharma coaching
Pharma coaching
Certified Proffesional Co-Active Coach
ICF Certified Professional Coach
Certified Team Coach CTPC
Leadership Circle Profile practitioner
Lego Serious Play facilitator
Tim Price PCC,CPCC

Price Coaching & Consultancy 




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