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1-1 Coaching
Coaching : Tim Price PCC,CPCC
1-1 Leadership Coaching
Go to the next level.


Leadership comes in many shapes and forms. What sort of Leader are you today and what sort of Leader do you aspire to be?


Do you ever spend time observing Leaders and are in awe of how they communicate, present, motivate and inspire?


Do you ever imagine that it's you on that stage holding the audience, it's you that people want to come and work for?


If the answer to any of those questions is "Yes" then I would love to work with you to put an action plan in place to bring you to the next level.



My clients.


I work with new and emerging leaders or Leaders who are looking to grow and develop their own Brand of Leadership. They want to be the Leader in the organisation that everyone else aspires to be like and to work for.


Clients who work with me go away empowered, inspired, motivated and with an additional toolset to be able to take themselves and their people to the next level.


They leave energised and with a real purpose and are ready to put into action their plan knowing that the only real failure is not trying.


Does this sound like you?



So if you want…
  • Increased self-awareness, self-reflection and self-confidence

  • The ability to deliver presentations of real impact

  • The ability to inspire, motivate and develop teams

  • The skills to effectively manage remote team members

  • The ability to facilitate group meetings and teleconferences

  • The ability to build strong, lasting relationships with all levels of an organisation

  • To become the Leader that everyone else aspires to be like

  • The Leader that everyone wants to work with and doesn't want to leave.


And you are willing to…
  • Tell the truth, regardless

  • Change your behaviour

  • Experiment and try new things

  • Re-look at the assumptions and decisions you have made

  • Commit to taking action

  • Have a lot of fun in the process



Contact me for a free Discovery Session to help you get more clarity and we can both understand the path you want to take.
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