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Group Workshops


Group Workshop 


Introduction to Coaching Fundamentals



Duration: 1 or 2 days


Number of participants: 10 - 26


Target audience: Leaders, managers, cross-functional teams at all levels


Format: Experiential learning. Introduce a skill, demonstration of that skill and then students practise coaching with that skill. Debrief and then move to a new skill.


Expected outcomes: Participants will leave with both a Coaching toolset as well as a deeper connection and engagement with the other participants.



Soft skills are so often overlooked but are essential for the modern leaders, both in terms of their own development but also to motivate, inspire and develop their teams so as to realize the full potential of every individual.


This 1 or 2-day workshop introduces participants to the Fundamentals of Coaching and provides them with a set of tools that they will benefit from both professional but also privately.



Topics covered include:


Levels of listening

 - Introduction into the different levels of listening.



 - having your employees account for furthering their vision or commitment to act and for the results of their intended action.



 - addresses the self and whom the client had to be in order to accomplish whatever action he or she took or awareness he or she achieved.


Articulate what is going on

 - Articulating what you see them doing, what you are hearing or what you are sensing as you listen at level 2 or 3. 


Asking permission

 - Enable the client to grant the coaching relationship access to unusually intimate or sometimes impolite areas of focus.



 - Brevity and succinctness on the part of both the coach and client. Helping the client get to the essence of their communication.



 - Requesting that the client stretches way beyond their self-imposed limits and shakes up the way they see themselves. A challenge includes the same three conditions and possible responses as a request.



 - Standing up for the client when they doubt or question their abilities.


Dance in the moment

 - Being completely present with the client and working with what arises in the moment rather than from a fixed and rigid plan.


Hold the client's agenda

 - The coach lets go of their own opinions, judgements, answers and possible solutions in support of facilitating the client's fulfilment, balance and process.


Holding the focus

 - Once the coach has determined the direction or course of action, the coach's job is to help the client stay on track and true to the course.


 - A powerful question intended to be considered over a period of time, to deepen the clients learning and provoke further reflections.



 - On occasion, the coach may need to intrude, to interrupt of wake up the client who is going on and on, who is kidding himself or herself, or had lost connection with what they truly want.



 - Intuiting is the process of accessing and trusting one's inner knowing.



 - Used to illustrate a point and paint a verbal picture for the client.



 - Big picture of expanded perspective,


Powerful questions

 - An open-ended question that evokes clarity, action, discovery, insight and commitment. It forwards the client's action and deepens their learning's.



 - Involves providing a client with another perspective.



 - designed to forward the client's action. It includes a specific action, condition of satisfaction, and a date or time by which it will be done.A request generally begins with "Will you ...". The three possible responses to a request 


1. Yes   2. No   3. A counter-offer


Taking charge

 - The coach chooses and directs the path of the coaching in service of the client's agenda.


Wheel of life

 - Give the person a snapshot of their lives and how in or out of balance it may be.

 - Wheel of life can be both Business focused as well as private life.



 - Why values are important and tools to identify your top values. Honouring your top values on a daily basis leads to greater fulfilment.








Contact me to discuss further the benefits and outcomes of this program

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