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Group Coaching





Helping clients create and maintain high-performing teams.

Certified Team Coach
Team Performance Coaching

Why do teams exist?


To produce results.


High-performance team excel at what they do (Productivity) but also how they do it (Positivity)

What was the last High Performing Team you were part of? 


What were the characteristics of that team?


Through Group Coaching I apply a proven, measurable methodology from Team International™ that explores the team dynamics across two dimensions - Productivity and Positivity.



PHASE 1: Team assessment to determine “where we are today” and “where we want to be” includes an action plan with measurement milestones.


We set a baseline. Using proven diagnostic tools, we reveal the team strengths and challenges. This research-based approach focuses on 14 measures of team competency. In order to know where to invest valuable time and money in team performance, it makes sense to start with a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not. Our diagnostic reveals this clearly and concisely. This measurement accelerates improved team performance.


We create an action plan that includes two parallel outcomes:


  • Measurable improvement in team competencies. This team works better together and takes what they learn into every other team they are on.

  • Measurable positive impact on business metrics for this team. This work is only justified by real business results.


PHASE 2: Regularly scheduled team coaching sessions to integrate new team behaviour, learn new skills, and take new action.


I deliver world-class team coaching, consulting, skills training and accountability to help you:

  • Deliver improved results

  • Accelerate change

  • Create an effective, responsive team culture

  • Increase production, control cost

  • Improve work habits, collaboration and ethics

  • Raise the bar on team performance and team accountability


PHASE 3: Completion includes a review of what the team has learned, post-coaching measurement of performance and a plan for next steps.


With a follow-up assessment and comprehensive comparison report, the team has a clear picture of where they started and where they have improved. The conversation leads naturally to … “Where do we go next?”


This is an approach focused entirely on assessing and improving total team performance, rather than on assessing individual personalities, styles, preferences or team leadership capabilities.


Contact me for more information on how Group Coaching can drive your team performance.

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